Comprehensive integration of several of Google's tools

Our expertise in working with Google tools allows us to deliver in-depth analyses of your website's performance. We can identify strengths and weaknesses and propose strategies to improve your site's visibility and ranking in Google's search results.

Our approach involves a comprehensive integration of several of Google's tools to achieve a cohesive and effective marketing strategy. By leveraging the full potential of these tools, we ensure that your site achieves a prominent position in search engines and reaches the desired target audience.

Let us be your strategic partner and help you maximize your site's performance through skilled use of Google's tools and reports. Contact us today, and we can work together towards achieving a strong online presence and optimal results for your business.

Start with free consultation

Let's initiate a conversation about how we can help you make the most of Google's tools. We can handle everything from the technical project role, which includes planning and setting up Google's tools, to ongoing reporting and analysis of the results. It's essential to work with a cohesive strategy that combines your SEO strategy and Google Ads campaigns. As your partner, we can also manage the project against your media agency, ensuring you get the full benefit of your investments.

Google AdWords is now called Google Ads

We ensure optimal use of Google Ads, so your ads reach relevant potential customers when they search for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. With Google Ads, you only pay for results when customers click through to your website or call you from Google. We also offer a "second opinion" for the campaigns your media agency has already created. By comparing your campaigns with your SEO strategy and Google Analytics, we ensure you get the maximum return on your Google Ads investment.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

With Google's Search Console tools and reports, we can measure your website's search traffic and performance and identify and resolve any issues. We work with the correct technical setup of your strategy and ensure the interaction between your domain and all pages and subpages on the website. By setting up goals and metadata correctly, we ensure that your SEO utilization is at its best. We use both Google Analytics and Google Search Console in combination with our technical knowledge about websites and their structure to optimize your online presence.

We work with

  • SEO Related Tools Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Metadata
  • Google Maps Tools Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Business Profile Manager
  • Other Google Tools Google Drive, Google News, Google Disk, Google Shopping
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