Get direct access to customers and users

With SMS Gateway, you have the ideal channel to effectively reach your customers and users. Text messages are a powerful communication method ensuring that your important messages are read promptly and attentively.

Did you know that text messages are often read by many more users and much faster than traditional emails? By leveraging SMS as a communication tool, you ensure your messages reach the recipients without getting lost in spam filters or overlooked in a busy inbox.

Whether it's about critical updates, important announcements, or personal messages, our SMS Gateway provides direct access to engage your target audiences immediately.

Create a strong connection with your customers and users by leveraging the powerful and reliable SMS communication channel. Contact us today and let us help you achieve more effective and targeted communication through our SMS Gateway solutions.

Efficient and Practical Payment via SMS

Want to implement a user-friendly and reliable payment system? Our SMS-based micro payment system offers a simple and effective solution compatible with all carriers in Denmark.

With our premium SMS system, your users and customers can easily pay for digital products and services with instant delivery. Once the payment is complete, they will receive a text message containing a code to access the product or service immediately.

The system is versatile and can also be used for postage payments, participation in competitions, or receiving donations. It offers a fast and convenient way for your customers to make small payments without hassle.

Our SMS-based micro-payment system is secure, reliable, and easy to manage. It introduces new business opportunities and boosts revenue by providing an accessible payment method for your customers.

Let us assist you in implementing this handy payment system via SMS to enhance user experience and improve the efficiency of your transactions. Contact us today to get started!

User-friendly Competition Platform

Create excitement and interaction with your customers through SMS-based competitions. Our SMS gateway, with or without premium rates (recipient-paid SMS), offers a simple and hassle-free method to conduct competitions.

Our SMS gateway system is designed to handle all types of competitions and makes it easy for both participants and you to manage all incoming and outgoing text messages. Everything is stored in the system, which simplifies managing and tracking the progress of the competition.

To add a personal touch to the competition, we offer you the option to use your own short name and short phone number. This makes it easy for participants to remember and participate by simply sending a text message to a short and familiar number. For instance, you can have a name like "PLAY" or "WIN", and a short phone number with 4 digits such as "1231", "1919", "1999" or "1920".

Utilize our SMS gateway for competitions to increase engagement among your customers while also drawing attention to your brand. We provide a reliable and user-friendly competition platform that's secure and easy to manage.

Contact us today, and we'll help you plan and execute exciting SMS-based competitions that will positively impact your business!

Instant and Effective Notifications

Keep your users updated with our SMS gateway for notifications. Whether it's inbound, outbound, or both, our versatile SMS gateway can be seamlessly integrated into any notification system. We also offer the option for premium rates (recipient-paid SMS) if desired.

SMS remains a highly effective channel to reach your users since text messages are often read much faster and more frequently than emails. By using our SMS gateway, you ensure that your important messages reach recipients reliably.

Our SMS gateway can be integrated across all types of websites and platforms, and we offer free technical consultation. Whether you want to send reminders, confirmations, alerts, or other crucial messages, our SMS notification system can be tailored to your needs and objectives.

Contact us today, and together, we'll explore the numerous possibilities with our SMS gateway for notifications, ensuring that your messages reach the recipients on time and with maximum impact.

We work with

  • Gateways Unwire, Curanet, ZitCom, DanDomain
  • Shortcodes 1919, 1920, 1220, 1231, 1234
  • Options Free/paid SMS incoming and outgoing
  • SMS FormatsSMS +7-bit or 16-bit encoding.
  • StandardsISO 8859-1 - ISO 8859-15
  • TechniqueSMS 160 characters.
    SMS 70 characters at 16-bit (special characters)
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