Experienced experts in websites and internet-based systems

With many years of experience, we offer comprehensive consulting, project management, control, development, and programming of all phases within websites and internet-based online systems. Regardless of the type of website or solution you need, we are ready to deliver tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements and goals. Let us help you realize your digital visions and create an impressive online presence.

Start with free advice

Kickstart with our free and non-binding advice, based on our 20+ years of technical IT experience. Our expertise spans all levels of technology and all types of online systems and web development. We help you draft strategies and recommend appropriate solutions. Our technical project role can advantageously be performed in collaboration with the design agency. By involving us early in the process, you achieve significant savings, including the choice of platform and design. Let us be a valuable partner from the beginning of your project and ensure an efficient and cost-effective realization of your visions.


Optimize your webshop with our experienced advice.

A webshop can be created in many different ways. With over 20 years of experience, we were there when Denmark truly began to unfold online, and stores started to thrive on the internet. Today, the market presents a multitude of systems to choose from. Let us assist and guide you in the process of establishing a webshop. Our expertise ensures you a successful presence in the dynamic digital world.

Database Administrator

Professional database administration for tailored solutions.

We work in structured and organized environments as database administrators for various systems. We have a deep understanding of all types of database tools and use specialized software for storing and organizing data, including valuable financial information and essential customer data. Our focus is to ensure data availability to users while protecting them from unauthorized access. With our expertise leading the way, you can confidently entrust your data management to us and expect a smooth and secure operation of your database.

We work with

  • Client HTML5, CSS+, JavaScript
  • Frameworks jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular
  • Server ASP.NET, PHP, C++, C#
  • DatabasesOracle, MSSql, MySql
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